is a market leading an innovative UK dating site that solves one of the biggest issues people have when it comes to writing their profile for online dating sites, in short, to get your best friend to write it for you. At least that’s what the founder of Sarah Beeny thought. She seems quite right as her site now generates hundreds of new profiles being posted daily.

In 2004 Sarah Beeny took a break from the television show she presents ‘Property Ladder,’ to set up her dating site. She came to the decision to set up the site when she had found she was always setting up her friends with a potential partner and the comments she made about her friends were much more helpful than her friend’s online dating personal profile. From this was born.

The idea was obviously brilliant. Rather than you writing your own profile, your best friend can do it for you. After all who knows their best friend better? Who is more likely write a more informative description? A close friend, that’s who.

The best friend has always played a significant role in match making. The site recognizes the important role that friends play in the early stages of dating, helping to alleviate some of the pressures of meeting someone new by just putting their friends out there. profile creation allows friends to collaborate in creating a profile. Each profile has what the friend said about the person being introduced and ensures response by the candidate to the comments. This conversation is quite interesting and after looking at a few profiles it is easy to see how friends can honestly help in presenting the potential dater in the best light. It is a much more novel approach than the more standard personal profiles you see on most dating sites.

No doubt creating an interesting and insightful profile is the key to successful dating online, so it is great to see this approach working so remarkably well. You best friend can also describe your key attributes on your profile, which makes it really easy to get an idea of your key qualities. It is easy to see how much simpler it is to trust these attributes over the ones you post yourself. Screenshot

Apart from the conversation between your friend and your profile, there is also the usual vital statistics that are ever so significant on any dating site. For example, your location is clearly shown. The gender you are seeking; age range and so on. However, the profile is not a case of creating a laundry list; it tends to work quite well.

The focus of is on the dialogue between the profile and friend. This is the unique selling point of the site, so it makes sense. However, the combination of the comment and response, including the list of attributes provides enough information to be compelling and interesting.

There is also the obvious worry that friends who might not actually want to be on dating sites might suddenly appear on them. My Single Friend understands that some friends out there might be a little overzealous when it comes to getting their friends back into the dating world. So it has taken time to consider the security of the site and provides some very helpful and useful safety tips about the do’s and don’ts of dating online.

The site seems to work well, and there is a section in the public area on “success stories” of people who have met someone on the site and went on to long lasting relationships. It is easy to see why as the profiles make a lot of sense.

The conversational format means that people browsing your profile get a blurb which has some direction. You don’t have to come up with a bunch of information which sounds right, but rather has something to work with, a basis for the profile. Even better, your friend has the opportunity to make your profile that much better, to explain to people reading your profile what makes you a great person. membership prices are as shown in UK pound sterling:

  • 1 month subscription: £22.00
  • 3 month subscription: £44.00
  • 6 month subscription: £66.00

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