Grapevine Social is a leading UK dating service that organises dating events whereby you get to socialise with a group of people at your table while tasting various wines. These events are designed to create a relaxed friendly atmosphere in which to meet new people rather than the more hectic style of speed dating.

Grapevine Social provides dating events that are slightly less intimidating and more sophisticated than speed dating where you are waiting for the buzzer to go and move on to the next date! Grapevine Social events still enable you to meet various people in one night but provide a focus and discussion point for the night. Review

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to take part in these events or indeed to join the website. If you simply enjoy wine, Grapevine Social will give you all the means to become an expert with the Bluffers Corner section you can learn all you need to know about wine, wine tasting and how to start your own wine collection at home. No doubt this doesn’t mean you have to talk about wine all evening at the events, it’s simply a way to break the ice.

At the dating events, you will get to taste six wines relating to the theme set, either based on a particular region or country, or wines more generally from across the world. The tickets are around £25 to £40 depending on the venue and these events are rotated and held across the UK including London, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow.  There are special offers and discounts on wines of course and you can subscribe to a newsletter to get all the latest information on what’s going on. Grapevine Social is a remarkably sophisticated dating service aimed at professionals across the UK.

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